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Would you send your Grandma here?


Each issue we will be visiting a Care Home and give the owner, manager and staff the chance to tell us what’s so great about their Care Home and what they have to offer potential residents?

We shall choose the Care Home at random from around the country and offer the manager the chance to be involved. We shall then send our journalist along to ask some questions and take a look around. We shall then publish our findings…

At first we considered running the article on an undercover basis, however with the recent negative publicity surrounding the care home industry, we have decided that it would be a much better feature to allow the care homes themselves to promote their establishments and show us all the positives they have to offer.

162b-9507ba0a33This issues visit was to The Maples residential care home in Sussex. have a look at page 44 of the magazine to see how they got on…




Should you wish your care home to be considered for a visit, please contact us




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