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With so many choices on the market today for various methods of staff management, it’s difficult to choose what’s right!


Firstly, it is important to understand what your needs are. In the care space the requirement is usually for some software that allows you to manage your staff, schedule, care planning, run payroll and invoicing. Now it isn’t always necessary to have something that does all of these things, and needless to say you’d probably be hard pushed to find something that does.

With technology as it is in today’s market, you will find some excellent products with excellent integrations to other systems that will make the overall solution pretty seamless.

However, nobody wants to have 4 or 5 systems all linked together awaiting the house of cards to fall down. There is nothing to say that 2 or 3 solutions wouldn’t work perfectly, however you’d want to build the structure around a strong base.

In homecare alone there are multiple “Rostering” systems in the market, not all of which have any form of monitoring. Thus you may have a roster system in place that doesn’t integrate with the monitoring system you have, or you may have monitoring software in place and now need a rostering system to match…more searching and more cost!

Now imagine all aspects of workforce management in one place Connected Care by Ulysses offers everything you need…

From Recruitment all the way through to invoicing – Connected Care offers huge functionality, the ability to process large workloads without compromising on speed, and excellent accessibility in a cloud-based care management system. With the ability to access your care management system from anywhere at any time, Connected Care, allows your care business to stay “connected”, efficient and active at all times.

For 25 years we have listened to our customers’ feedback and designed a system, that not only does what you need it to, but in a way that works for you, as well as having the ability to link with multiple software suites for accounting, monitoring, care planning, local authority systems, nursing and recruitment systems and more.


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