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Willmop, revolutionising floor cleaning


There has never been a more important time to ensure that your floors are kept free of germs and bacteria.Y2J_2634

TSM’s Willmop 50 B has arrived in the UK from Italy,  where it is being used in hospitals, care homes and schools to help in the cleaning efforts to combat Covid-19.

This high performing machine can kill 97% of bacteria and has the flexibility of a floor-mop with the performance of a Scrubber Dryer.

The machine can be used in the traditional way by using chemicals and water or can be fitted with the Ecoray cleaning system which uses ultraviolet light to destroy any micro-organism.

Hooper Services is TSM’s Exclusive UK partner for the Willmop 50B.  Managing Director Ian Hooper, said “The Willmop will revolutionise the way that we clean floors in the UK.  The Ecoray cleaning system has been developed to eliminate the symptoms of allergies, asthma and other diseases which are often caused by moulds and bacteria produced by the biological elements and chemicals.”Y2J_2672

The WILLMOP 50 has been developed specifically to replace the mop & bucket; a light & simple to use  vertical scrubber-dryer which combines the high-performance of a professional machine with the flexibility of wet mopping, with the added benefit of a dry slip-free floor.

Here are the benefits of the WILLMOP 50:

  • It is quick to use and saves time
  • The machine can kills 97% of bacteria
  • It is easy to use, with little training needed
  • It has 360o steering, so excellent manoeuvrability
  • Detachable solution and recovery tanks
  • A virtually continuous workflow as you can quickly swap the battery while operating the machine Y2J_2719
  • Cordless and powered by lithium batteries with a “quick charge” time
  • It’s high performing vacuum system reduces slip and fall hazards
  • It can be easily transported on wheels, and stored inside a car boot

The WILLMOP is part of a range of scrubber-dryers that have developed by TSM Italy.  The suite of machines include both pedestrian and ride-on machines,  so there is a scrubber-dryer for all your cleaning needs.

For more information about the Willmop 50B and the other machines in the TSM range, visit , email or call 023 9263 0276


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