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Why Use Biometric Scanning for Time & Attendance?


Firstly, time and attendance in the function used to manage staff time on site, regardless of the care offering this has a place, and isn’t wholly dependant on technology.
A paper timesheet is classed as a time and attendance solution, after all. However, with that, there is a lot of admin and paperwork involved. Firstly, you have to ensure the timesheet stocks are high, and then your finance team need to check each timesheet, query anything they see as being an issue, and then ultimately wait for a response.

A Care Home that uses this sort of time capture, is going to be spending at least 1 day a week doing this.

We offer a number of solutions for improving this process in your establishment, from landline logging, mobile app and even biometric/facial recognition devices.

Most businesses will have some knowledge of the landline logging in method, as well as the mobile app, but most will also see the word biometric and think “Expensive!”

We aren’t going to dispel any myths in relation to expense, as of the 3 it is the most expensive solution, however, it is also the most reliable and efficient form of Time & Attendance.


Why? Well with a mobile or landline monitoring solution, there is a suggestion that the PIN, or user details can be passed to a colleague for logging. With the landline, you’re also going to have queue’s for the phone, and with the app may get resistance from staff to use their own phone.


Thus, the biometric device is a significant improvement on these things. It is a single device at the point of entry, with the use of a fingerprint to log in and out. The logging process takes mere seconds, and there is no way that someone can log in fraudulently.


Then, once the data is obtain from your Time and Attendance Technology, our solution can allow you to see quickly and easily any arbitrations in regards to payroll, ultimately reducing that 1 day a week spent checking, to 1 day a month…if that!

This coupled with the inherent Health & Safety improvements shows that technological time and attendance does provide value to the care home sector.



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