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Why Care Homes Need a Care Management System?


A care home management system allows you to focus on delivering the best care possible, by providing an efficient management tool. Running a care home involves multiple responsibilities and so care management systems have been created with the aim of organising these responsibilities into an accessible structure.

At Ablyss we have developed some software so special is that it has been designed with this sector specifically in mind. Accountabilities such as record keeping, rotas, care plans, training and risk assessment are all easily accessible and tailored to your specific requirements. We’ve been able to design a package that’s specifically suitable for care management, by conducting extensive first hand research into UK care homes. Gaining knowledge from care managers and staff has allowed us to create a product targeted to their needs. The understanding of legal care home requirements is built into our care home management systems to ensure correct practice, reassuring both you and your clients.

The core templates which make up the necessary everyday duties of a care home can be designed specifically for you, because we understand that every care home is unique. Additionally, residents are unique, with potentially complex issues, and so our care home management system accounts for situations involving general nursing, mental health and learning difficulties.

Technology has allowed for even more sophisticated solutions and we have worked hard to make our system as effective for care staff as possible. As a result, the system can be operated on any desktop, or tablet device to accommodate a fast-moving environment. Using mobile tablet devices can make everyday tasks simpler and quicker to complete, so there is more time for the essential caregiving. With the additional functionality of being able to work offline, tablets will help to ensure the staffed floor is not compromised at any time, ensuring more accurate recording at point of care.

The time that administration takes can be an issue in the care sector, but care home management systems work to significantly reduce admin time, even when run from a single computer. Our users have reported a massive time saving benefit with compliance checks being completed over 60% faster.

To see what Ablyss CMS could mean to you, visit our website or call us on 01625 535685 for your free 30 day trial or to book a demonstration.



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