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Who Care’s? Fixing the Care Crisis


It’s not an exaggeration to state that some Care Providers are already at a point of actively seeking out volunteers to cover shifts in Care Homes.pexels-cedric-fauntleroy-4266947

Freeing up Carers to do personal care, while others, including jobseekers, do laundry and prepare meals, are sensible suggestions and will take some pressure off already overstretched staff.

Current reports indicate that 10 % of carers that are unwilling to have the soon-to-be compulsory double vaccination, meaning that anywhere between 40,000 – 68,000 might be lost to the Care Sector. Additionally, there are well over 100,00 vacancies in the sector, which will only increase if this crisis is ignored. And it’s not hyperbolic to point out increasing number of companies are facing extra pressure from litigation involving staff shortages, claims of neglect and COVID related incidents.

To find out ways to alleviate recruitment and retention issues, I’ve discussed with many good carers about what they would do. Improving these issues is exactly why we designed and built our Care App.  I want to pass these insights from carers on to people who are looking to recruit and retain carers:

It’s true that low pay isn’t as obvious a barrier to finding and retaining good carers as you might think. It’s worth qualifying that, however, by also observing that a well-qualified senior team leader of 10 years’ experience earning less than a supermarket shelf stacker, doesn’t feel right, even when making allowances for the realities of tight profit margins.

Focusing on candidates’ personality traits and suitability, by using competency-based questions certainly help in the interview stage, especially when factoring in the fear induced by Covid 19, which has been felt within all areas of the Care Sector. Reassuring Carers you have excellent infection control measures in place will go some way to calm nerves that are already frayed, especially if there are more winter lockdowns.

Carers react positively to being given an honest portrayal of what their job entails, so don’t ‘sugar coat’ their role. Constructive criticism about how they’re performing is fine, if it’s delivered with ways to improve, rather than just reprimanding, will more likely result in better performances.

A large care company that was mentioned by one carer, has started organising ambitious carers to meet online with ex-carers who have progressed to becoming nurses and nurse practitioners. Combined with excellent training resources, this supportive idea really enthused people and it painted in their minds a future full of possibilities.

All of these ideas need investment, and difficult conversations need to be had at the highest-level regarding funding of social care to a degree which is acceptable to tax payers and gives the cared for and their families the level of service they are entitled to and thoroughly deserve.  There is currently some traction to support the idea of a ‘Health and Social Care Levy’. There is a strong case for this idea but the backdrop of an ongoing global pandemic and Brexit makes this problematic to implement from a political, and therefore electoral standpoint.

Whatever taxation method is decided, DirectCareHub will work alongside you in finding great staff. We’re proud of being different to, and disrupting, the pricing structure and business models used by conventional temporary staffing agencies. We will give you real value and choice. If you find carers you like on our App, you can employ them, and we won’t charge you for it. Judging by the very enthusiastic reactions from care companies, we’re making a difference.  To find out more,  Register Here or visit our website:




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