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What’s really important when recruiting people for a caring role?


Recruiting the right people in any sector is important. But what does ‘right’ mean, and how can you ensure you find that person rather than just finding a person to fill the vacancy?

Skills for care are quoted as stating “Recruiting people for their values and behaviours helps you attract people who know what it means to provide high quality care and support”

Not only does the right person for you require good organisational, listening and communications skills, they should have the ability to understand and follow policies and procedures, have good numeracy and digital skills, and good writing skills to fill in care plans.

However we all know it’s about so much more than that.

You’re not really looking for someone who has a long track record in care. You’re looking for someone who is kind, compassionate and thoughtful, someone who respects the dignity of a vulnerable individual in his or her care.

In our trade this is called Candidate Screening. For you it’s about finding the right people for your business. But don’t leave this decision to a gut reaction.

Consider this:

How will you determine if a candidate’s personality is a good fit for care?

How will you determine if a candidate’s attitude is right for a role in care?

It’s a big risk not to mention a time consuming cost draining exercise if you get it wrong.

Employers have told Skills for Care that a values-based approach to recruitment has resulted in lower recruitment costs, positive ROI, lower staff turnover, and better staff performance.

Working with The Care Hub to recruit in this way will lower your recruitment costs, lower your staff turnover, and provide you with better staff right for your business, which in turn will produce much better staff performance.

When I make a decision I like facts and evidence that supports my decision. I like this  because it gives me confidence. The more facts and data I have the better equipped I am to make informed decisions for the good of my business.

This is what you need from your recruitment process, confidence in your processes and confidence in making the right decision.

The Care Hub are masters at this, book a free consultation with the sector’s proven recruitment transformation experts, it’s guaranteed to save you time and money.

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