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West Midlands Care Home goes ‘Hands On’


Swallows Meadow Court, a residential care home with Nursing in the West Midlands employing over 120 staff, has installed an automated biometric time and attendance system which is designed not only to ensure accurate and reliable data for payroll and management planning, but to save time for all staff.

Payroll administrator Marion Vickers commented, “We provide round the clock care so we operate a 24 hour shift system, and obtaining accurate time and attendance data was always a problem with paper-based time sheets. It took us hours every month checking for errors or exaggerated claims, correlate the times with each shift and then manually enter the data for payroll. Even then we couldn’t be certain the data was accurate.”

The new system installed by Bodet Ltd incorporates full palm scanners for clocking on and off. Staff members simply place their hand onto the scanner which captures a handprint. This is then fed directly to the software on the central server which compares the handprint against a stored profile to identify the employee and time stamps the record.

It not only eliminates care staff having to complete time sheets, but the system is also foolproof providing an accurate real time Palm scannerrecord of who is on site, when they arrived and when they completed their shift.

An added benefit is that the software also generates tailored management reports so that current and historic attendance information can be accessed at the press of a button. This provides irrefutable proof of staffing levels which may be required for Care Quality Commission audits. It also provides management teams with accurate real time data for monitoring attendance, improving performance management and future planning.

Vickers added, “The whole clocking on and off process is now simplified and provides us with accurate and reliable staff attendance data. I just enter details of holiday or sickness and then get a monthly print out which shows the precise number of hours each employee works. As we no longer have to manually check time sheets the time saving for everybody, especially payroll staff, is considerable.”


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