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Utilising Software to Assist & Improve Staff Performance


Without any doubt forward thinking companies who correctly implement care management software will see an Increase in employee productivity.

Fusions care management software will increase employee engagement by assisting employee’s ownership of their own objectives and tasks resulting in enabling regular, in-the-moment feedback to be given. Research has shown that organisations with engaged employees are more productive and profitable.

If you want to improve employee performance and transform stale working environments into highly productive gold mines, then it’s time to evaluate your approach to the benefits of IT.

Gone should be the days of paper-based information rammed into filing cabinets and lost forever in spurious filing systems. Care management software allows data to be accessed 24/7 on the cloud. Here at Fusion we use the latest data encryption technologies and we backup data every second to ensure company and employee data is safe and secure.

Fusions Care Management software enables employees to record, retain and access information in real-time, regardless of location. Knowledge is therefore centralised and accessible, connecting employees, managers, owners and stakeholders as and when needed. Instead of sifting through endless email chains or struggling to find the necessary information in files your team and your company as a whole can benefit from immediate access to all necessary information.

When employees have access to relevant information quickly it will of course enable them to respond faster to problems. This will improve efficiencies as they will have the information and the answers they need in a timely fashion. Employees will also be able to share feedback and contribute to solving the problems of other employees. This sharing of information in this way taps into the collective intelligence of organisations that is not available in company emails or filing cabinets. It therefore follows that as information gathering is accelerated, response times are also faster.

Having a common platform such as Fusion enables employees and management to be visible across the organisation speeding up processes and problem-solving whilst giving continuous employee’s involvement whose contribution is essential in keeping a high quality workforce and retaining talent.

Mobility is increasingly important to employees who work remotely or have flexible work schedules as being able to access information on the go becomes very important. Employees can access Fusions data on the cloud from the internet or 3/ 4g connection via their smart phones, tablet devices, or laptops. Having access to real time information from their relevant homes can make a significant difference to the decision making process and improve both operational and monetary efficiencies.

Martin Jones MD

Fusion Care Solutions Ltd



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