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The Quickie Collection


ruralblog_2315-1Innovative and functionally outstanding, Quickie’s wheelchairs fit perfectly into the active lifestyle of its user. Each wheelchair has its own identity, but every model shares two common characteristics: precision control, perfect performance, and sleek and stylish looks. 

But out of the extensive Quickie collection of products, which two do you pick to talk about their cutting edge design and outstanding performance potential? Well, below are two products that cater for different audiences yet offer the same standard in innovation, quality, and look.

Shark RS Hand Bike

‘The hand bike of champions,’ The Quickie Shark RS is the top of the range standalone hand bike. Winner of the Best Product of the Year 2013 at the Plus X Awards, the bike has been designed to allow for the very best in performance.

At only 12.9kg, the bike is one of the lightest in its field; add to that a minimum frame height of just 7cm from the ground and its DT SWISS 571 carbon wheel, then the bike’s is built to outperform its competitors.

Maybe the bike’s most exciting feature is the innovative design of its frame, which has been crafted to allow the best individual positioning. In enclosing the rider it means that introduced force is converted directly into propulsion. Efficiency is further enhanced by the rigid frame and welded joints, minimising energy wastage. The bike’s low centre of gravity and wide wheelbase means corners can be taken on at higher speeds without sacrificing stability.

The Quickie Helium

The Quickie Helium provides perfect handling for the very best mobility. The chair really is ultralight – it weighs from just 6.5kg complete in 40cm x 40cm size, and this includes side-guards and wheels, wheel locks, and hand rims.

The fixed welded backrest and axle plate results in the highest level of rigidity and makes the driving performance the most efficient yet.

As with any Quickie product, the handling and performance is outstanding and its look is at the height of style, and what’s more, its lightweight design means transportation is easier than ever before.

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