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The key to achieve sustainable change is motivation, independently of age and functional levels.


By enabling seniors to watch videos of familiar roads and inspiring places far away while using an indoor exercise bike, Motiview helps seniors to be at their natural best. Motitech_logo_red

Motiview is the motivational technology for increased physical, mental and social well-being and has been designed for an ageing population. The focus of the entire Motiview system is the users, and their experience when using it. With access to the entire global library with thousands of videos the users can choose to travel local or explore the world.

“My father had a session on one of the bikes and had an amazing time cycling through the countryside. He was completely engaged in the activity, and his mental alertness was the best we’ve seen for ages. Not only that, but my mum got so much pleasure from seeing his enjoyment – it’s something she hasn’t witnessed for a long time.” – Family member

The technology visually and mentally stimulates older people and those living with dementia, which has proven to play a vital role in preventing injuries and promoting social connectedness. It allies the innovative use of technology to a sense of fun and increased self-efficacy with high quality bespoke adapted videos, co-designed by the care facilities, that evoke memories, provide an immersive experience and create a social norm for incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives.

“We had a queue of residents waiting to participate yesterday! 34 residents have taken part who were signed up, another 6 have cycled who we didn’t expect to but now want to use the bikes. What has amazed me is that the majority of residents are doing 30 minutes in one stretch.” – Care home management

Documented benefits from using Motiview include improved wellbeing, improved mobility, better sleep, faster rehabilitation after injury and much more. Motiview has also been proven to improve depression and reduce anxiety.

Motiview users may also take part in the Road Worlds for Seniors, an annual championship, which allows older people and people with dementia to take part in a global sporting event – even though they might live in a long term care facility or being users of a wheelchair. For the senior cyclists, the Road Worlds for Seniors is all about having that feeling of friendly competition and being part of a community, between residents, care facilities and across national borders.


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