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The Importance of Dining Experience


The act of eating has become an increasingly significant part of people’s lives, with the population learning that eating different foods, in different environments, can make us feel different ways. The importance of mealtimes for residents can never be overlooked and should always be treated accordingly, by looking beyond the food and at the dining experience as a whole.

The setting and atmosphere in which a person takes their meal can completely define their dining experience. A high-quality meal served in an environment with gentle colours, good lighting and soft background noise makes a much more pleasant experience than eating the same meal in an unattractive, unclean and noisy environment.

We all know that food needs to be nutritionally balanced, attractive and great tasting to maintain health and wellbeing, but it is also important to remember that food is incredibly emotive. This means offering varied menus, giving residents as many options as possible and creating an inviting dining environment.

apetito are proud to not only create food that is enjoyed and shared but work in partnership with care homes to develop a dining experience which ensures the well-being of residents.


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