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The Ergo Lite 2 from Karma Mobility is available in both transit and Self Propel versions and is one of Karma’s lightest Self Propel wheelchairs.

The development of the Ergo Lite 2 followed the success of the popular Ergo Lite transit which received excellent feedback. This addition to the Karma Mobility portfolio has been developed to include swing in/out detachable footrest hangers. The Transit weighs from just from 8.8kg (19lbs) complete while the Ergo Lite 2 Self Propel weighs from only 10.3kg (23lbs) complete.

The Ergo Lite 2 offers an extremely lightweight mobility solution without compromising the strength and durability that is expected from every Karma product. It has the same reliable, high quality components as the rest of the Ergo range, but every part of the Ergo Lite 2 has been streamlined in order to reduce weight.

Features of the Ergo Lite 2 models include the S-Ergo seat, which offers pressure redistribution and helps prevent the user sliding

KM-2512-F14 (2)

down the seat, and a

3-staged breaking system for greater safety and peace of mind. It also boasts Aegis microbe shield upholstery which protects the chair from odour, deterioration and staining, giving it a prolonged life span and making it a cost effective investment.

Mark Duffield of Karma Mobility explains: “The Self Propel version of the Ergo Lite 2 has been specifically developed in response to demand from our customers.  At Karma Mobility we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible products and listen to their requirements.”

Anyone looking for a lightweight solution to their mobility needs will find the Ergo Lite 2 wheelchairs are ideal.  For more information on the Ergo Lite 2 and the full range of manual wheelchairs and powerchairs available from Karma Mobility call 0845 6303436 or visit where you can also locate your nearest dealer. You can also follow @karmamobility on twitter.



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