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The Changing Face of Care Home Interiors


The Changing Face of Care Home Interiors

The rising importance of care home interior design isn’t as simple as providing a nice place to live; it’s about the creative

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interpretation of residents needs to provide supportive and stimulating surroundings to help them maintain the independence they once had in their own home.

For this reason care providers are expanding their homes with the community in mind, surprising the residents and their families coming into care with their extensive facilities and attractive appearance.  Any existing stereotype is dwindling as providers realise that innovative interior design is the key to achieving this competitive differentiation.  Gone are the days of dowdy fabrics and modest furniture design as care homes strive to create a more engaging environment for all concerned.

As a supplier, care home furniture manufacturer YTM sees more and more requests for an original proposal and with mounting success for both parties; in the 2015 Pinders Healthcare Design Awards five finalists have been furnished by

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YTM, one of which has seen success in the awards for the previous four years.  YTM themselves entered care home Winchcombe Place (Care UK) into the prestigious International Design Awards hosted by SBID (The Society of British and International Design) in 2014, winning the New Build & Development Award.

YTM combines a passion for innovation with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of care home furniture which has earned them a reputation for forward thinking and imaginative product development.  YTM also offer a bespoke service, helping care homes to reach their particular aspirations.

The resulting high standard of care homes is therefore indicative of the value of interior design as a source of advantage in this


increasingly competitive market.



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