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The Better Care Fund and Why you should care


The Better Care Fund (BCF) is one of the most ambitious programs to be created for the NHS and local government to date. The purpose is to create local single pooled budgets to provide an incentive to the NHS and local government to work more closely together around people, placing their wellbeing at the centre of health and care services. One of its main aim is to shift resources into social care and community services to bring together a single commissioning model of multi-disciplinary services to benefit local people, communities and health and care systems.

At its core, the fund is aimed at developing innovative models of care that brings health and social care services together to improve service delivery whilst creating a more streamlined and dare I say more efficient commissioning process.

So, you would think most business owners, directors and senior managers in Social care would be very aware of this important project. However, the opposite seems to be the case, because based on the feedback I receive during my training courses – almost every delegate is not aware of the Better Care Fund and I hope this article changes that.

There are varying views on the purpose of the fund, some believe it to be a back-door approach to privatisation, whilst others see it as a real opportunity to finally join up services that have historically been fragmented and in extreme cases completely divided. Whatever your view, its worth keeping a watchful eye on what’s going on in your area, because there is nearly £1.5 Billion set aside for new grant applications in Adult Social Care in 2018/19, which could present very good business opportunities for participating in local projects that are applying for BCF grant funding.

For the latest news and announcements about BCF, you can sign up to the BCF Bulletin via email to:; this is a weekly e-newsletter for those responsible for the development and implementation of BCF plans and wider integration.

Keith Ralph

Business Development Director

W&P Training


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