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The benefits of education and training in the Care Home


laptop-imageA training plan is the cornerstone and first objective to minimize any productivity losses when installing Care Management Software. A strong training process for employees will be vital for operators wishing to improve internal procedures and educating them up to the skill levels required to do their jobs more efficiently, quickly and accurately than they were doing with the old manual methods. Without required levels of organisation and accessibility, training time, methods and exercises can fall by the wayside resulting in negative effectiveness, inefficient take up and frustration from both supplier and client.

Managing the training requirements for the organisation can be a challenge involving meticulous planning in getting the right staff to the required venue on date and time and with minimum disruption to the business. Effective, relevant training ensures the continuous improvement of employees within your company and should result in increased productivity, accuracy and the continuous generation of new ideas, guaranteeing improved levels of care, competitiveness and profitability.

Fusion Care Solutions work closely with our client to achieve our common goals and assess what level the users are at as a group as well as individually by:

  1. Evaluating the overall success of the training.
  2. Providing an analysis of participants’ attitudes towards a specified training program.
  3. Evaluates the training and identifies to trainers which part should be more focused.
  4. Confirms the employee attendance at the training session.
  5. Demonstrates a real and significant benefit to the organisation from the training provided.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing to deploy the latest and greatest care software without first considering the need to properly train end users in its use. A scalable end user training strategy will make your software deployment a more effective and happier experience for everyone involved.

You won’t see benefits of these upgrades unless the end-users of the software can successfully make the transition. Set your goals, get expert guidance, train smart, and get feedback.

Martin Jones FCMI, Managing Director, Fusion Care Solutions Ltd.


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