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Just like their patients, care workers come from all walks of life. In order to care for our loved ones, care homes need to be equipped Capturewith a range of workers and amenities that provide everything they need to be comfortable. From the food they eat, to the cleanliness and maintenance of their living spaces, 24-hour flexibility, scheduling and efficiency is essential.

Since 2004 Planday has been improving the lives of shift workers and employers across the globe with its workforce collaboration platform. Its easy-to-use, flexible shift worker management platform empowers both managers and employees to collaborate and work more efficiently by increasing transparency, open communication and integrated business tracking and reporting.

The Planday platform works as a digital point of contact between managers and their staff via a smartphone app. Managers can create smart schedule templates to roster employees, measure wage costs and track the hours each employee has worked.
Employees can communicate with each other, swap shifts, as well as clock in and out of work at any number of specified GPS locations within the app.

As the needs and demands of the world’s ageing population increases, Planday is leading the way in empowering care homes and their employees to achieve a better work-life balance, so they can spend more time on the things that matter.
Nicola Ray, Regional Manager of Oaklands, says Planday helps saves up to 20 hours in planning and scheduling each month.
Having previously used an Excel spreadsheet and paper for staff rotas, Oaklands, a 29-bed care home, decided to implement a cloud-based solution for scheduling. “Before Planday, it would take us 15 to 20 hours a month to do the scheduling and payroll. Now it takes us one hour maximum,” Nicola says. “Being able to track when employees clock in and out has helped highlight absence or lateness patterns that can then be addressed with employees directly. “Having Planday has empowered our employees to take control of their working and personal lives. They have a comprehensive overview of their holiday requests and can access schedules anytime, anywhere.”

Brøndum, CEO of Planday, says planning will help empower flexibility in scheduling and ensure care home workers can focus on their patients.

“Care home workers are a vital group of people who work towards the common goal of making people comfortable at difficult times in their life,” Christian says.
“It is essential care home owners ensure the right processes are put in place to help workers and continue to embrace technologies to make our care homes ready for the future.”

With an ageing population, the care sector is set to continue to grow and be relied upon to look after the needs of millions of elderly people. It is more essential now, more than ever, that care homes are prepared for that demand with the right people who have the right skills on hand to provide the best form of care.

Investment in technology is the only way to ensure this transformed sector can transition successfully from traditional management processes into modern and efficient models, which motivate, enliven and assure the health of our care home workforce.

Planday will showcase at the Care Show 2019 on October 9th and 10th, 2019 in Birmingham at Stand 3A F60.

To find out more about the Planday platform and how it could help your business, John Coldicutt, CMO at Planday, will be speaking at Theatre 3 at 10:50am on 9 October.



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