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Teal Living


With over 10 years in the healthcare furniture industry Sara Jane has made a big move to one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of furniture to the NHS and mental health sectors, Teal, to develop her own tailor made strategy and focus for the residential care sector heading up new company division, Teal Living.

This is a big move Sara Jane, why Teal?

“I was keen to improve the product offering in the market. Teal is a family business owned by the Senator Group with 40 years experience manufacturing for challenging environments within the NHS and mental health sectors – this is a company that knows their furniture.

Heading up Teal Living has given me the chance to take their knowledge and expertise and marry that to innovative designed-led products of real substance that come from years of development and manufacturing experience. This is something I am very excited about presenting at this year’s Care and Dementia Show in October.”

What does the name Teal Living mean?

“Everything is geared towards creating environments that provide comfort and security and piece of mind, not just for the companies who run them but for those living in them, hence the name “Teal Living” because this is exactly what these homes are providing … places for people to live.”

What can we expect to see from Teal Living in the near future?

“Obviously being owned by the Senator Group provides a stable financial background to continue to invest in our research, development, and manufacturing base to bring new product to market.

You’ll see Teal Living embracing new materials; technical advances in the manufacturing process, and new designs all geared towards helping the elderly maintain their independence and ability to choose.”

So it looks like Teal Living is definitely going to be the one to watch Sara Jane, any final words?

“Actually yes! You can’t forget the huge investment residential care companies make when furnishing their homes, they need to be confident the products will do their job, but also that their supplier can deliver the service they need to support them. From design right through to installation, from new materials to new advances in the sector, it’s second nature to us, we grasp it quickly to provide a better product and broader service for the customer.”

Teal Living. A brand new offering from the established British Manufacturer Teal.

Teal Living, furniture for people to live in.


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