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T2Z Care Services


T2Z Care Services is a care provider built on strong ethics and fundamental values that are unbreakable. Founded in 2019, although not actively providing services until 4 days intoT2Z-Logo copy the first Covid-19 lockdown. A unique provider that blends an organic approach with a modern edge.

What stands out about T2Z is that we are passionate about positive change within Health and Social Care. Considering we are ‘new kids on the block’ and establishing themselves through the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic – T2Z have grown to demonstrate a uniqueness that has been recognised on a national scale.

From a simple idea, a single director – Troy Zimbalatti, who founded T2Z Care Services held a vision for succeeding, and in a time of incredible pressures, through Brexit and through a pandemic, T2Z has gone from strength to strength and remains a strong contribution to Social Care and an inspiration to many. Yet, without the classic T2Z slogan – ‘if we aim for outstanding but achieve good then I guess that’s great’ and some real team vibes, would we be where we are today?

Troy has worked in the care industry for almost 13 years. Aspiring to be in a position where, in his words, he can ‘filter the standards from top, down’.

While we provide Domiciliary Care to many older people in their own homes, we’re also preparing to positively disrupt the Supported Living sector as the Managing Director intend to provide housing that will be compared to the likes of the Grandest and a truly creative service that is likely to create a synergy amongst others.

T2Z has a powerful voice for Care Workers too. While negotiating how invaluable Care Workers are in support of Health and Social Care, we have way surpassed the National Living Wage and have become known to set the example in fighting for fair pay justice for Care Workers.

Taking you back to when T2Z was simply an idea. If you look at the sprouting plant from the logo – this signifies growth and nature. Green is the theme for T2Z which in our world is a very natural and organic colour, it demonstrates the truth behind the beginning of the journey and a large focus on transformation. This is why T2Z Care Services brand name subtitle is ‘transform together’…we feel this is a strong message of what we stand for.



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