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Snug Positioning Pillows for Comfort, Safety and Wellbeing


Caring for people with different health needs, whilst keeping them safe and comfortable are the key goals of medical and care professionals. Safety, comfort and a

snug7-pillowstimulating environment speed up rehabilitation and recoveries, make convalescence more effective and enhance quality of life during illness.

 Snug Positioning Pillows are uniquely shaped cushions designed to secure patients’ positioning in beds without compromise to comfort. Intended to improve quality of life of bedridden, immobile, disabled, obese or frail people of all ages, the Snug Positioning Pillows contribute significantly to safety and comfort and help to create stimulating and healing environment that is beneficial to patients.

 Immobile people that spend long hours in bed commonly suffer with pressure related skin breakdowns, painful sores and difficult to heal ulcers. Snug Positioning Pillows redistribute and dissipate the damaging external pressure that affects the body and damages the skin integrity. Using the Snug Positioning Pillows helps to heal existing lesions and ulcers, prevents formation of new ulceration and new bed sores and minimises skin breakdowns.

 Furthermore, comfortably and securely positioned bedridden people are more alert, more responsive and more interactive with the carers. Interaction enables the carers to identify and deal with patients’ needs faster and better.

 Additionally, appropriate positioning of patients in bed improves accessibility during routine care tasks, such as washing, diaper changing, feeding and administering medication, making daily care faster, easier and less challenging for the carers.

 Affordable and durable, washable and flame retardant, the Snug Positioning Pillows are made in different models for different patients’ needs. Adult and Junior versions are available to cater for people and children of all ages with different body shape and weight.

Capture Snug Positioning Pillows improve health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable people.

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