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Sight and Sound Technology


Here at Sight and Sound Technology we strive to provide the best solution and support to improve the lives of those who have a sensory or age related disability.Respexi Home Page

Life for us began as a specialist computer mainframe maintainer, but we soon became interested in the technology that was developing for those with visual impairment. This was long before the miniaturised personal computers (PCs) that we have today. Computers then were called mainframe computers and filled entire rooms, sometimes

football pitch sized rooms!

The founders of the day, trekked to the USA, where the leading edge development was being undertaken and soon met the founding fathers of the entire industry. Some names you will not have heard of – Ted Henter, Dean Blazie, but one, you may have – Ray Kurzweil.

A serial entrepreneur (he still is), Ray had invented the Kurzweil Reading Machine. It was revolutionary – the size of a washing machine, required a fork lift truck and a small van to transport it – but you could feed a page of printed text into it and it would read it back. For the blind, it was the beginning of independence, mobility and access to information previously hidden from their sightless world. Now that reading machine is software on a pocket-sized mobile phone – how times have changed!

Today, we are the leading player in a highly specialised market. We look after over 35,000 customers, and now many with age related disability, where our technology is changing lives. The world of technology moves ever faster and we bring the newest innovations to people UK wide and we take the time to make sure that they understand how to use the technology and know where we are when things go wrong… which, as we all know with technology, happens. Our trained staff visit users in their home or workplace and provide lifetime support on the life-enhancing products that they purchase through us.

We are proud of our heritage and being at the centre of the UK’s assistive technology industry. As we diversify into wider fields and

Respexi Home Page

use deep skills and experience of technology for the disabled, we look forward to continuing our innovative, caring approach for at least another 30 years to come.

Glenn Tookey CEO, Sight and Sound Technology

Sight and Sound Main Website:

Respexi Tablet Website:


Respexi is our new product and we will be presenting this at the Care + Health show Excel on the 24/25th June and also at other major events later in the year in Birmingham and Scotland.


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