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With the focus clearly on safety and performance, Sidhil’s Bradshaw range of nursing and residential care home beds has been developed specifically to meet the individual and clinical needs of the care home environment.Bradshaw Low Bed

These electrically operated, fully profiling nursing care beds also meet the aesthetic standards required, offering a choice of wood finishes to create an attractive domestic setting and a new range of padded head ends in colours to harmonise with selected interior decor.

The range successfully combines Sidhil’s established tradition for strength and durability with special lightweight construction materials and techniques, offering beds which are easy to assemble and disassemble, stable and visually attractive. Bradshaw beds include both Bariatric and Low versions to cater for the needs of larger clients and also to minimise the risk of falls.

Alongside the beds, Sidhil offers a range of equipment and accessories for improved comfort, safety and convenience. These include a selection of mattresses including both static and dynamic pressure care systems to optimise tissue viability.

Sidhil enjoys an enviable reputation for the most advanced levels of customer service of any supplier in the country, including typical delivery lead times of less than three days, backed up by regional service centres carrying stocks of spare parts, available nationwide within 24 hours.

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