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Sekoia supports the frontline fight against COVID-19


With the current crisis setting every care operator on alert is aiming to secure enough and the right PPE, bolster their workforce or as a Birchwood Housebare minimum make sure that enough staff can be deployed into their services.

Tech suppliers the same. Sekoia is one of them. They deliver Electronic Care Planning.

Behind the scenes, they have been building some new highly relevant features in their product to support and streamline the care workers fight against COVID-19.

Healthcare Measurements

New and free healthcare measurements, including respiratory rate, body temperature and six other measurement types, have been released to the care homes, so that care workers are able to quickly gain an overview of vital data for the individuals in their service.

“We now see how important these are. First of all, to assess and then immediately be able to take action to ensure the safety of service users. We quickly recognised this and set every sail to move up the release of this functionality,” - Neha Mehta, who is the Head of Customer Success, says.

Alongside these health functions, Sekoia has built a COVID-19 Symptom Checker. This one is mirrored from NHS 111, to support services detecting healthcare trends and taking appropriate actions when required.

Partners contribute C19 Risk Assessment 

Besides the tech just released, Sekoia decided to probe their network for general advice on the virus-related topic. This meant that mobil_tablet-ukfriends of the house – sector specialists such as Issac Theophilos, Michael Hinett and Tim Dallinger – contributed relevant best practices and new C19 Risk Assessments. Users of these have been thankful for such a direct guidance and the speed of which they have been able to seek out the advice.

All of the above resources have been refined and released via a fully dedicated Coronavirus section on Sekoia’s support portal. This should prove to be a more efficient alternative to locally discovering a best practice, printing and sending forms out in paper. Risk Assessments sit on the Sekoia app right next to other important forms that will help guide care workers through the vital checks and processes needed. Helping to disseminate information at hand – across staff and service users.



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