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The future of better care for older people extends to the bathroom, with a new initiative that delivers savings of over £200,00 pa1 yet improves lives for them- and staff.

The 2015 Care Show (25-26 March in Bournemouth) will see Total Hygiene/Clos-o-Mat publicly unveil its ‘care home package’ aimed to give the client- in line with the Care Quality Commission Regulation 17- greater dignity, privacy and independence. It has ‘knock-on’ benefits for staff, and profitability.

“We all need to go to the toilet, and do so on average 8 times a day!” says Geoff Richardson, Clos-o-Mat care home specialist. “Our package enables residents to do so either unaided, or with reduced care, and with improved, consistent cleanliness. Their independence and control over their lives is enhanced. Carers are freed for other duties, and handling issues eliminated. As one of our care home customers observed, it’s a win:win situation.”

The care package focuses on the company’s Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita and Lima Lift wash/dry (automatic shower) toilets and Aerolet toilet lift.

The wash/dry toilets do just that, so there is no need for manual cleansing with toilet tissue and all its associated considerations of manual dexterity, hand:body contact, risk of faecal transfer/contamination….

The Aerolet toilet lifts help people with flexion/balance problems easily get on and off the toilet.

The products will be on Total Hygiene/Clos-o-Mat’s stand, W138, enabling visitors to see how they work, and appreciate the benefits they bring, individually or combined, to the care home environment. Video and further details are also available online,


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