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SAL laundry


Wally Bin 20litre or 8 Litre carts hold 1 – 4 bags with a capacity of 10 – 12kg, suitable for waste and laundry management.

The SAL laundry cart is high quality and light weight made from aluminium with plastic pedal operated lids, easy clean for infection control with colour coded lids to allow for easy management when sorting laundry.

Supplied flat packed for self-assembly.

Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 bin


ISEO CB Laundry Range –


Discover the range of pedal operated collection trolleys. Our trolleys are available from 1 – 4 bin configurations. Tough durable,


portable trolleys made from stainless steel with plastic lids.

Laundry collection trolleys with:
- structure in stainless steel tubular Ø 20 mm
- with 2 bag-holders in Nylon, with a fixing-bag ring in stainless steel
- hinge in plastic, incorporated on the bag-holder,
- lid in Polypropylene available in 5 colours: white, green, red, blue and
- 4 swiveling castors, Ø 80 mm and 4 rubber bumpers
Pedal movements by nylon line, crush-proof
Fixing-bag system easy and adjustable to every size and type of bags
(textiles, net, plastic, …)




Wally Waste Collectors -

  • Hanging waste collector
  • Knee operated opening system
  • Mounted to a wall or trolley,
  • Easily be disassembled and reassembled
  • Knee operated opening system allows maximum hygiene and safety

Clipper Waste Bin –

CLIPPER – Waste container in Polypropylene- fireproof to class V2 Capacity: 70 Litres Lid operated by pedal, Push-handle on front side for easy movement, Body in gray with colored Lids. Lids available in 5 different colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Gray Special easy system to fix the waste-bag 2 wheels Ø 75 mm, in gray rubber.


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