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by Adam Hutchison

‘I decided that work had become my life. It was then that I told myself I would no longer go to work feeling like that. Why should I …?’

ISBN: 978 1 86151 608 4 Paperback 160 pages RRP: £12.99 June 2017
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Like most of us at some point in our careers, Adam Hutchison woke up one Monday morning dreading the week ahead and wondering if it was all worth it. Unlike most of us, Adam decided to take action. This book is the result …

Adam Hutchison has learned the hard way how to run a company and manage staff, through wide experience in senior positions in the telecoms and private healthcare sectors. Now he has distilled his knowledge and experience into Risk v Reward, a down-to-earth and straightforward account of what
really matters when building a business and improving performance, including:

 Choosing, hiring, managing and retaining staff
 Motivating and mentoring
 Recognising and managing different personality types
 Management structure and how to make it work
 Creating and maintaining a culture

The author knows, from experience, that it is people that make a business great, and this book shows
how to get the best out of those within your teams.

 Written by a senior executive with wide and varied industry experience.
 Will enable any junior or middle manager to get better results from staff.
 Detailed examples throughout to show how to make it work.

pr2Author Adam Hutchison says, “What makes a business great? The answer every time is people. People are paramount to any business. This book explores the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of successful people-management. I hope it will help managers and team leaders in businesses of all sizes. Whether they employ five people or 5000, my message is the same: human beings need rewards to perform well. Positive comments drive attitudes and behaviours. Forget these simple rules at your own risk!”

About the author: Adam Hutchison, MA, BSc has spent the last two decades working in both the private and public sectors, operating within corporate and SME environments, working at the operational level on the front line and doing everything from running departments to operating his own businesses. Twitter: @adamhutchison80

Media opportunities: Extracts/serialisation. The author is available for interviews.
Local UK interest: The author is currently based in Solihull (near Birmingham, West Midlands). He has also lived and worked in London and Medway (Kent).

To request a review copy or to be put in touch with the author, please contact
Elly Donovan PR tel: 0790 508 7779 / 01273 205 246
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