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Kate Sheehan has been working with Repose Furniture as its resident Occupational Therapist for the last two years and the fruits of this relationship will be on show on       stand B19 at this year’s OT Show.

A perfect example of the benefits of this relationship is the Harlem Porter chair which will be on the Repose stand in addition to other examples from the company’s portfolio of bespoke seating solutions.  The Harlem was developed specifically for people with Huntington’s disease and designed in conjunction with Kate and Mike Wooldridge, one of the UK’s leading experts in caring for people with the condition.

As part of Kate’s role, she has also been producing articles about various different subjects related to seating from an OT’s perspective.  You can read these in full on the Repose website

Initially Kate was involved in the development of the brand. This included supporting the web and brochure development as well as in-house training for the sales team and the development of client focused knowledge based resources to enable their sales consultants to help clients make better informed decisions about the Repose range.  This extensive in-house training has ensured that the Repose team are more aware of the medical conditions and how different conditions, can affect the way people should be seated.  This enables them to speak with an element of expertise when talking to retailers and customers.

The big advantage to Repose of having an independent OT, as opposed to having one in-house, is that Kate is 100% independent.  Therefore, if Kate feels for whatever reason a particular Repose chair is not going to be suitable, the company accepts this, and if needs be will help with alternative suggestions.  This provides Repose with tremendous credibility and integrity, promoting their ethical and customer focused approach because they are prepared to listen to clinical input even if it does not always result in additional business.  Kate has also supported Repose in situations where they have been asked to provide clear clinical advice.

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