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R82 UK, a world-leading specialist in assistive products for disabled children, has launched its revolutionary foldable Scallop seating system, available through its new product webshop –

The Scallop from R82 is a lightweight and portable solution that assists children of all ages who require additional support when sitting on the floor or in a chair. Suited for children with GMFCS level 1 – 3, it consists of a folding fabric structure and simple strapping that is adjustable and offers wrap-around ‘shell-like’ postural support for children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Spina Bifida.

Originally designed by talented Swansea university student Keira Gwynn, the Scallop has been developed by R82 in close collaboration with users, families and therapists. It provides extra stability for children when sitting, along with tactile stimulation and reassurance, and facilitates increased occupational performance. R82 began working with Keira whilst she continued her studies and on completion of her degree, offered her a position at the parent company in Denmark as a Product Designer. This has allowed Keira to drive the evolution of the Scallop concept resulting in a worldwide launch to market at the Rehacare exhibition last month.

The R82 Scallop is a unique concept. It can be used for indoor or outdoor floor sitting or as a chair attachment providing young users with flexible, comfortable seating options. It is available in a range of sizes, styles and fun colours and weighs less than 2kg so highly portable when travelling away from home. It allows children to sit longer and improves seating alignment and balance with better postural control of the lower back. The Scallop can also be beneficial for early intervention programmes focused on improved trunk and pelvic positioning.

John Preater, R82 UK Managing Director comments: “Scallop is so fantastic and so simple. As soon as we began working with Keira on the original concept we knew this product was going to offer something special. It is lightweight, portable and requires no training or tools to adjust, perfect for families when out eating at restaurants or going on holiday. R82 is always focused on ergonomic, innovative solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable for children with disabilities – the Scallop does just that.”

The launch of the new Scallop coincides with the new Also4Me webshop. This new website provides easy ordering of the Scallop online and will be used in the future to provide products for children with mild to moderate disabilities. Also4Me will be launched in the USA and other non EU countries at the beginning of 2017.


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