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Q&A With the Founder of Alium Care Training


In this issue, we sit down to talk to Sangita Boyd the founder and managing director of Alium Care Training ( Sangita talks about her passions, the importance of quality care and how her training company has grown into a nationwide service provider.

 Sangita, great to meet you. You founded Alium Care Training in 2014 what’s your background and what inspired you to set up a training company?

My working background is very much linked to my personality.  I’m the type of person that gets a real buzz out of helping others and it was working as a volunteer at Age UK that I initially came across the HR job role. Although I started out spending time as a befriender, I was soon thrown into the deep end of HR, coordinating all the volunteers, and carrying out assessments of their training needs. I quickly realised that I enjoyed communication and supporting others and that working within human resources was the perfect job role for me.

I ended up taking on a number of consultancy roles whilst studying and successfully passing a Post Graduate Diploma in CertED. I went on to have a successful consulting career working as a learning development consultant at the NationalHealthServiceUniversity.

Finally, I spent over 4 years working as a visiting lecturer at a large college where I would deliver English functional skills classes as well as other personal development programs. This I suppose was the catalyst I needed to go off and start up my own training organisation and Alium Care Training was born.

 No doubt you have a large number of competitors, what makes you and your organisation different?

Alium is more than just a training provider, we use a consultative approach to meeting our client’s needs, always going above and beyond to deliver a service that is not only high quality but personalised. This is why our clients refer to us as “strategic partners.” Finally, I should add that I am personally very passionate about the care sector and my company mirrors this. Alium helps care providers continually improve so that they, in return, can deliver a high level of care to the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

 I understand Alium Care Training delivers services on a national scale, how do you maintain the quality of your service?

Growing a business does not mean that you should neglect quality, sadly, many organisations grow without considering the impact this might have on the quality of their delivery. Each member of our team is required to carry out CPD activities which are recorded and discussed during monthly staff huddles. We are a learning organisation where every member of the team is encouraged and supported to learn and stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone.

We are a recognised training and development provider with Skills for Care, and also a preferred provider for a number of local authorities. This means we regularly deliver courses on behalf of county councils and must adhere to very strict quality assurance standards.

What topics/news do you think care providers need to be aware of going into the new year?

The Care Quality Commission has made some fundamental changes to how they inspect adult social care, using a new single assessment framework and introducing new rating standards known as KLOE (key lines of enquiry) we expect the CQC to further improve the comprehensiveness of their inspections and therefore, as always, we highly recommend that care providers take training seriously. Training should not be a tick box exercise, outcomes should be measurable with realistic KPI’s and all staff members working within the care sector should be supported to maintain continued professional development.

Do you provide any courses or workshops to support care providers with CQC’s new standards?

Alium care training currently offers a very thorough KLOE workshop for registered managers and senior staff members, this course has proven to be popular with local authorities. We also provide personalised training sessions for smaller organisations and individual registered managers who want to ensure they are up to date with CQC requirements.

 How can potential care providers get in touch with you?

If you are interested in booking our courses or consultancy service you can contact us via telephone on 02034 189717 email us on or use the contact form on our website

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