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Practical ways of helping loneliness at Christmas


Few emotions are more severe or heart-breaking than loneliness. Anyone can be affected, at any age, but one can only imagine how difficult it must be for senior people to cope if they are geographically isolated or emotionally disconnected from friends and family at Christmas.

Care workers  and health care professionals can act as a lifeline for senior people over the festive period and can help to identify those who may be at risk of isolation and need additional support. While Christmas can be a joyful time, for senior people it can also bring back memories of friends and family who have passed away and leave a feeling of loss and loneliness. So, if you do have a caring role, here are some practical tips for you to bring cheer, companionship and compassion over the festive period:

Planning makes perfect

. Make sure that they plans or activities in the diary over the Christmas holidays, when they may be feeling at their most vulnerable. Encourage them to ask family and friends what their plans are and see if they can join in the festivities or if they can arrange a visit. Also, reassure them that they should confidently asking for any help they need with issues such as transport or shopping.  If they does find themselves alone this Christmas, there are many wonderful organisations you could contact that bring likeminded individuals together seeking to experience a fun and traditional Christmas with company. For more information take a look at

Get social.

Modern technology offers a world of communication, social interaction and information at the touch of a button. Free services such as Skype (video phone calls) can bring familiar faces into the comfort of people’s homes and the internet is an easy way to keep up to date with local and UK news, as well as global events. Social media isn’t just for the “young ones” either – why not help set up a Facebook page and ask their family and friends to share pictures with you to help keep the  in touch with family events and grandchildren’s activities.

If they would like to develop their computer skills, they could take advantage of free beginner’s computer classes, often available in the local library.  To find courses local to them, visit Younger generations are much more familiar with mobile and computer technology, so you could also arrange for a family member or friend to visit to give some free advice and help.

Live independently.

  • If you know someone who will be alone for some or all of the Christmas period, they may want to consider live-in care.  Promedica24 offers a number of options to give peace of mind that your loved ones are cared for this Christmas, with care packages providing assisted-living and companionship, for example:
  •  ‘Living Independently’ makes life more simple and provides support for daily tasks such as shopping and prescription collection, as well as maintaining personal budgets and diary support. This allows people to continue living a life they want and are accustomed to.

Short Term Care & Support –

offers people the option of live-in care at home for a 2- 6 week period.   We offer enhanced recuperation following departure from a hospital stay, respite care to give a family member a break or holiday care to provide support whilst the family goes on holiday

ProMedica 24 is Europe’s largest provider of live in care and support services, helping people to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. Promedica24’s live-in care teams are made up of fully trained and skilled care and support workers who are experienced in a range of conditions affecting seniors. All our clients are assigned a contact person who is available locally to find the best carer to suit your needs and arrange all the formalities including legal employment of a care worker and the scope of duties and responsibilities.  For more information regarding Promedica24’s expert care and support for assisted-living and companionship for your loved ones at affordable prices, please contact Promedica24 on: 0800 086 86 86


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