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W&P Training


W&P have been supporting Health and Social care providers across the U.K for nearly 20 years. During this time we have helped new

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providers set up their businesses and seen them flourish. But we have also helped hundreds of other businesses grow and improve their service with our training, compliance and business support service.

Our business is built on the experience and expertise of our management team. W&P has a unique selling point in that we have owned and managed our own care businesses in the past and that gives us a unique insight into the challenges our customers face on a daily basis. That is why all our products and services are designed to be user friendly and easy to implement so that they can be accessible to anyone in the organisation.

We also have a great network of industry professionals that we work with including healthcare professionals and former CQC inspectors giving our customers a wealth of expertise and advice at their fingertips.

At W&P we never sit back on our laurels always trying to improve what we do, whilst developing new and exciting products to cope with the ever-changing landscape in health and social care.

Everyone that buys from W&P is not just buying a product or a one off service, they join many hundreds of satisfied customers who view us an integral part of running their businesses and this is something that we are very proud of.

So whether you are considering setting up a new care business or just need support to move your existing business forward we have the skills and expertise to help. There is lots of information on our website as well as interesting news and features so please go to

Services Available:

Policies & Procedures (Residential, Domiciliary, Clinical) English Standards
Policies & Procedures (Domiciliary) Welsh Standards
Policies & Procedures (Domiciliary) Scottish Standards
Business Start-up packages
Business Form packs
Care Certificate training pack
Staff Training Packs (35 Titles)
Policy update subscription service
Business Audits (post or pre CQC inspection)
Tender/Bid Preparation
CQC Compliance Webinars


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