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Person Centred Software’s GP Connect continues to build a more joined-up health and social care system one year on from its official launch


Person Centred Software, a leading global provider of digital care management systems, was one of the first companies to launch integration with NHS Digital’s GP Connect html product last year – an exciting move that enabled true two-way interoperability between social care and healthcare settings.


In February 2021, Person Centred Software launched GP Connect, becoming the first care home software provider to electronically transfer hospital packages directly to hospitals and advanced care plans to the ambulance services via their digital care system, Mobile Care Monitoring. The integration gave registered nurses at care homes secure and direct access to GP records and medical notes of those being cared for in real-time. This improved clinical decision making and facilitated better patient care and outcomes.


Within just 24 hours of going live, seven care homes had signed data-sharing agreements for GP Connect, while 13 GP Connect records were accessed across four organisations. After the first week, the number of locations jumped to 15 care homes (over 100% increase) and 64 (492% increase) respectively. Furthermore, two weeks after the launch, 40 clinicians (primarily nurses) had already used GP Connect to access the records of 148 residents across 17 CCG areas.


Now, just over 12 months on, Person Centred Software has seen its revolutionary bi-directional software installed in 200 locations across the UK.


For UK care providers, the timesaving benefits for staff are exponential, as the system improves their knowledge of the individuals they care for. Among the few examples of the type of information that are made available through the digital care management system include: hospital visits, diagnosis, allergies and adverse reactions, acute and repeat medication, referrals, observations and immunisations.


Furthermore, the systematic switch enables authorised clinical staff to share and view GP records and medical notes quickly and efficiently. In addition, staff are granted access to real-time information, as well as a clear picture of historic care for residents. The software also helps health and social care providers to deliver the safest and most effective form of care, while simultaneously improving overall decision making.


Speaking of their experience so far, Mike Armstrong, Managing Director at Havering Care Homes, said: ‘’The key benefits of the integration with GP Connect is that our nurses now have access to real-time information as well as a clear picture of historic care for our residents. The vast amount of time saved by having instantaneous accessibility is beneficial for not only our nurses but for GPs too, as we no longer need to call GPs for updates or information.’’

Person Centred Software had long been campaigning to integrate health and social care services to improve overall quality of care and enable a better journey for people when they move between services. The company believed that the more joined-up the different elements of care are, the more likely everyone is to achieve the best outcomes. Indeed, the importance of real-time data was made extremely prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, having long campaigned for a more integrated health and social care system, the continued success of the GP Connect integration is another major milestone for Person Centred Software, and we look forward to another year of helping care providers join the movement and utilise the benefits of true two-way interoperability.

For more information about GP Connect and to find out how your nurses can securely access residents GP records click here and book a Demo or get in touch with the team: 01483 357 657


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