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OwnFone – Telecare for outdoors


As mobile phones become increasingly complex, one company is bucking the trend and focusing on taking mobile communications back to basics for use in Telecare environments.

Originally created as an affordable phone to be used for specific occasions and events, such as festivals or travelling, it has quickly become apparent that there is also a significant need in the healthcare and independent living sector for a simple peace of mind mobile phone. Users choose between 2 – 12 contacts to register onto the phone and choose either words, images or even braille for the call buttons.

Sarah Watts, Sales Director of OwnFone, said: “Programmed numbers are held in our cloud rather than the phone, so you can’t delete a number or call someone by mistake. The only numbers you can dial are the ones that are programmed so there is very little theft value. To change phone numbers all you need to do is call the OwnFone Customer Service team and they will change them

Phone In Case

instantly. Phones can be programmed to call Telecare help desks or carers for a Telecare package that can be used outside the home.

“The customers we are dealing with are mainly 65-80 plus and we don’t want to confuse their lives anymore than need be. We try to make it easy for them to use our phones and be part of the OwnFone network.”

The London based company works with some of the UK largest charities, such as Age UK and Stroke Association.

“It is about taking it back to the basics of being able to contact the people you need to be in contact with at all times.”


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