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OwnFone – Increased independence for Telecare users


The London based technology company is proving that Telecare can continue outside the home giving increased independence and OwnFone-3-Phonessocial inclusion to its user.

The concept is simple. The technology behind this handset is however, revolutionary.  The easy to use handset is programmed by OwnFone during production to hold only the numbers that are needed which are then stored safely and securely in their cloud. The user cannot change or delete a number by mistake. Numbers can be immediately changed by a call to their Customer Care team based in Islington.

Unlike traditional pendant alarms the phones are modern in design with OwnFone’s in-house design team able to bespoke phones to corporate or public sector branding. They are discreet to wear as a non-obtrusive Telecare product.

Sarah Watts, Sales Director of OwnFone said, “Traditional Telecare products are completely suitable for users who don’t want to leave their homes but we offer a way for people with more mobility to be out and about with the reassurance that if something were to happen, help is just a button press away. Users are more than happy to wear their OwnFones as they don’t announce to the world that they are in need of possible assistance to lead an independent life”

“It is about taking it back to the basics of being able to contact the people you need to be in contact with at all times.”


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