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OwnFone announces their new product Footprint


OwnFone, the London based manufacturer of the worlds simplest mobile phone are delighted to announce that they have added a new product to their portfolio.

Footprint is a GPS tracking device that is suitable for Lone Workers and people living with Dementia alike.

OwnFone have looked at various products in the market and think that they have developed a product that will give peace of mind and security to users and employees with its comprehensive list of great features.

The unit is waterproofed to a rating of IP66 and able to communicate with stored contacts through a UK wide roaming SIM.

It has fall and motion sensors, speed alerts for people who may be travelling in a vehicle and access to a web portal to view the devices location at any given time. Multiple products can be administered from the website.

You can silently call the unit which is particularly useful in the case of domestic violence situations or man down alerts.

Footprint is very lightweight and can be worn on the lanyard provided or used with a key fob.

OwnFone wanted to launch a product which complemented their mobile phone. OwnFone mobile is an easy to use handset with preprogramed contact numbers which cannot be deleted or amended by the user. This makes it a safe and secure mobile device for people of all ages and abilities.

OwnFone are following on from the success of their mobile handset which is being used increasingly instead of a traditional telecare alarm pendant as it give the customer the freedom to leave their home whilst having the peace of mind that help is just a button press away.


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