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‘Outstanding’ care for everyday


This year, everyLIFE has been visiting PASSsystem users around the country to talk about what the reality of choosing and ps-logo_regular-1deck copyimplementing digital care planning software into a busy office, is actually like.

On a wild and stormy day, everyLIFE visited Care Dynamics Ltd, providers of domiciliary care to around 100 clients in Dorset, to speak with owner John Beukes and manager Simone Garland, after John’s phone call.


For John, it all started three years ago when a local competitor was rated ‘Outstanding’ above him by the CQC. He knew straight away that he had to make changes if he wanted to stand out. Simone did some research and just a few minutes into their PASSsystem demo, they realised, this was their answer.


PASS has transformed their care into a truly person-centred activity, which is really important for their whole outcome-based approach. Remote access is a game-changer because, although John lives part time in Spain, he is in touch as if he was in the office, at any time 24/7, immediately updating any change in situation and instantly responding to everything.

When it comes to risk management, John now feels that “with PASS in place, medications errors are a thing of the past”. Viewing the Ps_HOME_group_01_inDevices copydashboard, they know minute-by-minute if there are any issues and can react immediately. And the level of detail available allows them to identify patterns and trends in advance, pre-empting issues early on. So “PASS gives complete reassurance that clients are well cared for”. If Simone does have a strange feeling about someone, she just picks up her phone to check in, and knows she can do that at any time of the day and night.

As for compliance, John feels that PASS records are so well organized, with everything in perfect order, that they can produce any supporting evidence required, in any moment. The last CQC inspection was the first time in Simone’s long career that she “didn’t feel any anxiety”.

PASS saves money in many areas: paper, printing, travel, admin as well as things that can’t necessarily be measured, “because you can’t always quantify the fallout of a mistake”. John looks at the added value PASS offers too: how “it has completely reinvented the business and created more roles and enabled us to bring in more business”.


“PASS gives us certainty and if you can feel reassured that everything’s okay when you’re going to bed at night, well you can’t put a price on that, can you?” adds John.

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“I’m calling your office to let you know about our ‘Outstanding’ rating at our latest CQC Inspection, because I felt that PASS had played such a vital part in achieving that.”



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