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OTs discover how the ONLY Rotoflex bed and UNIQUE Mascot cot from Theraposture deliver significant savings at OT Show


At the Occupational Therapy Show, Theraposture, a proven choice for quality assistive beds, chairs and care cots, has successfully


The complete Theraposture Rotoflex bed range was a show highlight at the 2016 OT Show and generated high levels of interest from visiting professionals. Pictured from left to right with the Rotoflex Low 175: Steve Keetley, Trusted Assessor (Central England); Liam Braddell, Sales Director; and Nick Lythe (South East).

demonstrated why its market leading Rotoflex rotational bed and adjustable Mascot cot ranges deliver significant cost savings. (Stand D56, NEC, 23-24 November).

Theraposture is regarded as the leading specialist in the provision of assistive Cot Beds and Rotating Bed Systems. Its Trusted Assessors work closely with OTs to ensure the individual needs of disabled clients are always met through appropriate equipment provision, backed up by a 14-day Suitability Guarantee. Bespoke Theraposture products are the most diverse on the market and provide the greatest choice for OTs and their clients. This flexibility allows a greater range of needs to be catered for so that comfort, safety and personal preference is maximized. Significant cost savings and outstanding product value are also achieved by selecting a Theraposture product as OTs benefit from preferential professional prices.

In the case of the Rotoflex, this fully powered rotational bed helps users get in and out of bed without the need for carer assistance. The Rotoflex empowers users, often with neurological conditions, so they can access a bed independently and therefore negates expensive carer costs. In the situation where two carers are reduced to none, the Rotoflex can typically pay for itself within 14 weeks – saving around £27,000 in care costs per annum following purchase. It encompasses precision German engineering and its proven ergonomics have been enhanced over a period of 20 years. It continues to be the original, market leading and best design that minimizes risk and maximizes safety and confidence for disabled users.

For care of disabled children, the Mascot Mk2 cot provides monetary saving through its fully modular design. The Mascot is the only cot available in the UK that offers a completely flexible concept that can be adapted as a child’s needs change. It can be specified, with or retrospectively changed to, 4 or 8 door access on both sides and can be fitted with internal dividers so the sleeping space is always appropriate for the age and size of the user. There is a range of door heights from 60-120cm and it incorporates smooth and quiet height adjustment so parents can avoid the risk of back injury from excessive bending.  The sleeping platform can also include profiling and a vast range of specialist mattresses and padding are available. As a design for life the Mascot ensures additional cots do not need to be purchased so pressure on public and private budgets can be eased.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director comments: “Our stand this year feature three models from our benchmark setting Rotoflex range – the Low Access Rotoflex 175, Rotoflex 200 and the Bariatric Rotoflex 300 (300kg SWL). These solutions have evolved from our original rotational bed concept and continue to demonstrate the best in ergonomic, safety and stability. The design of the Rotoflex has been heavily influenced by user groups such as MS, Parkinson’s and MMD which is why, for example, the Rotoflex helps users stand by VERTICALLY rising so that those with inconsistent weight bearing ability are not tipped forward like a riser chair. The Rotoflex has proven performance and truly delivers independence at home with the opportunity to avoid the high cost of carers or residential care. Equally the Mascot modular cot bed will provide cost saving through its future-proof and flexible design.”

Liam continues: “We have seen other examples of rotating beds flood the marketplace in recent times and we remain confident and proud that the Rotoflex stands out as the considered user focused choice, thanks to its 18 years of continual development, specific user focused design and precision German engineering. We believe these quality, hand-crafted products provide exceptional long term value and when combined with our ethical and caring service, we believe Theraposture is the only choice for client and OT peace of mind.”


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