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Zybax has made the finals of the 2016 Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards with its odour busting cleaning product Zybax Ultra.Lady Cleaning

The awards celebrate the finest, most innovative products and services available in the cleaning sector and after considerable deliberation from the judging panel Zybax Ultra has made the final 50 standout products in the cleaning sector.

The break-through innovative and environmentally-friendly cleaning solution has been recognised for its specially formulated odour-bonding reagents to attack odours on a molecular level; changing the structure so you can no longer smell them – the ultimate odour eliminator and multi-purpose cleaner concentrate.

Dominic Barnes, Managing Director of Zybax says: “This is well deserved recognition for all the hard work our team has put into the development and Zybax Photoeffectiveness of what we believe to be the ultimate odour busting product on the market. We’re very much looking forward to the finals and keeping our fingers crossed we win.”

Developed with the care home industry in mind, Zybax is a complete range of cleaning products with a dual action that not only effectively removes stains and spills, but totally eradicates odours. However, Zybax is unique in the market because it is a totally natural product that is completely safe to use.


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