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New Innovations in Nurse Call Technology


As the Care Home environment evolves so too must the technologies on which it depends. Aid Call already offer market leading


 Nurse Call solutions but they recently announced the release of an exciting new set of technologies that are intended to enhance these existing systems.

For thirty-five years Aid Call has been leading the way in the manufacture of wireless Nurse Call technology in an inc

reasingly competitive field. They offer a wide range of products and bespoke solutions that are designed specifically with the Care Home environment in mind. A wealth of industry experience, a focus on development and innovation and a reputation for delivering safe and efficient solutions secures Aid Call’s wireless Nurse Call solutions as the best on the market and this is set to continue.

Due to be unveiled later this year, Aid Call have developed a new range of technologies that will complement their current Touchsafe™ system. These developments include integrated modular solutions that allow for simple expansion and tailoring without the need for significant infrastructure changes to the main system. They have been created to heighten efficiency and therefore maximise the value of your Nurse Call system while remaining easy to use.


This new range will bring innovative, powerful features to your Care Home without compromising on safety or reliability. Improving the speed of call responses and increasing the depth of information available to both staff and management will heighten team performance and support staff in providing the most effective care.


ATX4_5000 PR Master

All Aid Call systems are built in consideration of the huge financial pressures facing the Care Home environment. They

are future proofed and are easy to maintain. This, combined with innovative features and proven functionality, positions them as a hugely cost effective solution. The flexible nature of their systems amplifies this as they can be tailored to suit different budgets.


Despite being packed full of the latest technology, the new releases are designed to be easy to use by both staff and residents. This will reduce the need for training and will lessen the time taken to use the device on a day to day basis; allowing your staff to be where they are needed and giving your residents confidence in using the system.

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