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NDGAI – Scheduling mobile resources intelligently


When it comes to technology, the homecare sector has seen an evolution in recent years.CI1.4 NDGAI LinkedIn Banner v2

Scheduling systems have long been in place, however, the last few years have seen a surge in both the number of solutions in the marketplace and the number of companies that use a digital platform.

Electronic rostering systems allow office based coordinators to create schedules and push them out to their staff. Some systems even have a notification system on a mobile app.

Care management systems, such as Birdie and everyLIFE, have become commonplace, allowing caregivers to update the office without needing to fill out reams of paperwork and more importantly allowing caregivers to spend more time on delivering care.

This trend shows a massive shift in the appetite for technologies in homecare, something that the CQC has been quick to acknowledge with a series of talks on aspects of this subject.

As the homecare sector continues to find success by integrating more and more technology, it begs the question?CI8.1 OptifAI jpeg on white background

What is the next evolution in technology for the homecare sector…

Well… We at NDGAI believe it is artificial intelligence (AI).

The social care system has long been under-resourced with the pressures of rising numbers of older and disabled people with complex care needs.

Between 2010/11 and 2014/15 significant reductions in local authority funding led to cuts to social care budgets. While budgets have risen again over the past few years, funding has only recently returned to the levels of 2011.

An effective yet affordable solution is desperately needed to assist with the provision of more quality and consistent care with less funding to a fast growing market. A way to do this would be to utilise workforces, both administrative and mobile, more efficiently.

Given how innovative technologies have played a vital role in improving the delivery of care we believe AI can help improve the qualityWomen and laptop and pace at which homecare is delivered by streamlining rostering processes to produce more efficient and effective mobile workforce schedules.

Investment of over £1.5m, including a government funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Nottingham, enabled the research and development of OptifAI, NDGAI’s revolutionary, innovative product. This joint expertise, experience and know-how ensures OptifAI delivers high-performance schedules that utilise staff more efficiently, error free and much faster than any other system, because AI offers consistency and continuity enabling a uniformed approach to rostering with zero dependency on individuals.

OptifAI makes coordinators’ lives simpler and more productive, resulting in improved organisation performance, business growth and increased profitability.

Equally, OptifAI supports industry and organisational compliance, ensuring organisations provide their services with the highest levels of quality, safely and effectively, as well as evidencing a well-managed organisation with improved employee wellbeing and satisfaction and great leadership.

OptifAI is inexpensive to implement and run and saves organisations time and money by reducing labour and travel costs, meaning service providers can accomplish much more with fewer resources, enabling expansion in line with market growth and organisation objectives.

OptifAI is easy to use and saves hours of manual labour creating and maintaining schedules to meet service user’s requirements. It is fast, efficient, flexible and most importantly it is responsive towards organisation needs.

AI is changing the world and now it is time for it to change the way care is delivered to people in their homes.

Homecare providers can rely on OptifAI because AI never has a bad day.

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