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The Medicare HTM series Nurse Call has been manufactured to meet the designed to be very easy to use and able to withstand the rigours of the Hospital and Care Home market.

In the UK the NHS uses HTM Bedhead service standards for call systems in hospitals and clinics so we felt it wise to adopt the HTM standards into the system.

Therefore, the display panels are colour matched to the HTM requirements for standard calls (orange), assistance calls (yellow), emergency calls (red), staff presence (green) and call accept (grey).  Further the standard calls, assistance and emergency calls each have their own specific tone.

This combination of visual and audible alert provides care staff with a simple and safe method of correctly identifying the status of any call.

The display panels have a touch screen allowing staff to accept calls.  This informs all other staff that the call is being dealt with.  There is also a mute facility on the panel to reduce sound intrusion.  Both the call-accept and mute facility are only temporary and if the original call is not reset within 90 seconds the display panels will reinstate the call and sound.  These facilities can be disabled if you do not require them.

We appreciate the need for in depth reporting so we were the first company to provide a full web based call logging system

With  e-logging you are not restricted to viewing the call data and reports on specific PC’s.

The data can be viewed on any PC or Android phone from anywhere in the world using the new Medicare secure server.

e-logging provides customised reports which can be provided for specific management and the data is viewed on your own secure web page.

All reports can be downloaded to a printer or email reports can be set up automatically.

Our call points again use HTM colouring for each call type.  Each button is raised to assist residents with poor eyesight.  The labels for both the call point and pear-push lead (handset) have Microban © embedded to provide protection against bacteria.  They are also luminous making them easy to find in the dark.

The bedroom units all have two sockets, one for the pear-push lead and a second for auxiliary items such as pressure mats etc.

The call points are mounted on wall brackets and can be moved around the room for safe, easy operation, or secured using a locking clip.

There are many additional useful items that can be linked into our nurse call system.  These include neck pendants with safety lanyards, exit door alarm points, staff pagers, remote sounders, pressure mats, mattress and chair mats, PIR’s and many others.


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