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Personal care plans could help elderly and/or disabled people return to, orstay in their own home without relying on a carer for support, if used for assistive technology.

For many, help is only needed to go to the toilet, to either help them get on and off, or to clean them.

Changing a conventional WC for a wash & dry toilet or toilet lift would spare them the perceived indignity of having a stranger help them toilet, and give them the freedom and independence to ‘go’ when they need to, safely and with a consistent, high standard of cleanliness afterwards.

And- according to a new online care cost calculator*- it would use significantly less money than paying for carer support- even for as little as an hour a day for a year. The calculator indicates that to have an hour of care support every day for just a year would cost on average £4200. By comparison, a Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet or Aerolet toilet lift each cost approx. £2800.

“Personal care plans can be used for home adaptations, but not everyone thinks beyond grab rails and walking frames,” explains Robin Tuffley, marketing manager for Clos-o-Mat. “A wash & dry toilet does exactly that. It means the user does not have to use toilet paper, but is washed clean and then dried, without any manual involvement. You just go to the toilet, trigger the process, and off it goes! And for people with balance or mobility issues, a toilet lift like our Aerolet automatically lowers them onto and raises them off the toilet, gently and securely.

“You can’t put a price on someone’s feeling of independence and dignity. But money does figure, and if changing a WC for a unit that means a carer isn’t needed doesn’t cost any more, it’s got to be good. If it saves money, even better!

“Further, the Palma Vita has a raft of accessories that deliver 150,000+ permutations, so it can be exactly tailored to individual needs, not just initially, but as needs change over time. And Clos-o-Mats are proven: we have been manufacturing (in Britain) for over 50 years, and have some in daily use that were first installed over 30 years ago!”

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The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet is the UK’s brand leader, and the only one specifically developed for elderly &

disabled people. The company behind the brand is still family-owned, and is unique in offering, in-house, comprehensive design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance, giving users complete peace of mind.

The range of Clos-o-Mat products is detailed on the company’s website, so users and their Occupational Therapists can easily see the solutions, watch a video on how the unit works, and find out how other users have benefitted. A searchable map on the website gives ‘try before you buy’ locations.


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