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Lisa Hahn Soul Clinic End of Life Holistic Carer and Trainer (Incorporating Soul Midwifery)


A holistic and Spiritual Companion to the Dying and their Loved Ones.

The Soul Midwife’s most critical role is to provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience lisa-hahn17the death they would want.

We all die, most of us hoping to be pain free at home, surrounded by our loved ones, if we were given the choice. As Soul Midwives, we see our place in ensuring that a person’s end of life experience, can be dignified and peaceful. In traditional cultures worldwide, death has always been regarded as an important rite of passage; an initiation, a journey across a spiritual threshold. In Felicity Warner’s  Soul Midwifery training, we are encouraged to take these almost forgotten skills and traditions, and apply them to our modern world, and lovingly assist and accompany a person on this journey, and provide holistic care and vigil, at home, or in any care setting such as hospice, hospital or care home. Our tools are that of peace, vigil, gentle touch, listening and support. Our Toolkit heralds traditional oils, sound, massage and preferred comforts of the individual such as candles, pictures, poems, loved ones, and to provide memory, joy and and a sense of personal accomplishment before the journey across the threshold.

As a Nurse, Advocate, Teacher and Reiki Healer I bring to Soul Midwifery an offer to family, friends and the dying person, at any stage lisa-hahn21of the process, from diagnosis to end of life stages, a package of care that will traverse those often difficult and semi real processes at a time of grief, anxiety and feelings of the unknown.

Walking through these processes as a Nurse mostly until a person is at the point of leaving earth into spirit, I have traversed many times before. Only recently with love and grief, have I had to be a part of the after death process and order of our human, legal and often daunting officaldom of a closing down, celebration and goodbye wishes of a person’s earthly life.

Being an advocate of any of these stages can relieve pressure for the family/person, to allow them to concentrate on their own needs and wishes, whilst the essential but often difficult role of liaising, with professionals, processes and paperwork can be supported by myself, in a professional and caring way.

My ultimate aim and passion is to ensure the spreading of these ancient and traditional end of life rites to meet the modern, western and sometimes clinical worlds, by offering training and support to carers and organisations, to ensure we get this right, in my End of Life Holistic Care Training.

If any of these areas can be of support then please do contact me at;

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