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Lifevac – You Must Be Choking!


In these awful recent times the LifeVac anti-choking device has still been saving lives. If you haven’t heard of the LifeVac then let us explain.

The LifeVac was invented by Arthur Lih in the United States around 7 years ago. He was distressed when he heard of a mother that lost her young son when choking on a grape. So he invented the LifeVac. The LifeVac is non invasive anti-choking device, so it can be used on anyone if protocol does not work. Especially people in wheelchairs.  Just place, push & pull.

In June 2016, after the LifeVac was introduced to the UK care sector, it saved its first life of a choking victim in a Welsh care home. The Allt-y-Mynydd Care Home in Dyfed, Wales, purchased a LifeVac after a resident choked to death a couple of months before. Two days after receiving their LifeVac a female resident was choking on her lunch.  An attendant used the LifeVac to successfully remove the object and clear the victim’s airway with one pull on the device.

Being that we at Help Save Lives were heavily involved in the promotion of the device when brought over from America, we couldn’t believe the news. How amazing that a simple device like the LifeVac had saved a person’s life. When someone’s life is saved from a terrible and preventable incident like choking you don’t just think about the victim. You think about their family – son’s, daughters, brothers, sisters, grandchildren and more. That day I heard the news that is all I thought about. The fact that because of LifeVac that ladies family still have a Mum, a Nan, a sister, a friend. Need I say more.

The LifeVac has gone from strength to strength. This fantastic device has now saved 62 people around the world from young to old. The 59th & 60th being in a care home in Kent this year.

The LifeVac now comes with a free training video. For more information please contact or see our website – or call 0208 127 0210.home-easy-as-place-push-pull


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