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Life-saving data: How data analytics can assist in more efficient and effective care


Nourish’s electronic care planning solution, for a wide range of care services allows care professionals to closely monitor and analyse Asset 1data to enhance and tailor care to the individual needs of those they support. Here’s their thoughts on technology within the sector…

Technology is quickly beginning to dominate the care sector, something that is dividing opinion, particularly when it comes to the way we handle data. Since the introduction of GDPR, fears of who has access and how, and what will be done with our personal information is a common concern for many, making us question just how safe our data is online.

But when it comes to our health, the integration of technology across different health and social care organisations is something that we should be encouraging, not resisting. Data is changing the way we care, from something as simple as monitoring nutrition and fluid intake, to spotting the early signs of more serious conditions and even spotting correlations between mood and certain medications. With consistent data analysis, care professionals are better equipped to support those in need.

With all of our personal and medical details stored electronically, carers can react a lot quicker when sharing data with other healthcare providers. This not only helps those being supported feel more comfortable when moving between care services but in some cases, could be the difference between life and death.

Beyond care plans, the Nourish system allows you to record at the point of care, create bespoke reports and has features such as alerts, Nourish_devices_PNGassessments and body maps. All of which can help to create consistency amongst a care team, enabling seamless handovers so nothing gets missed.

We want to emphasise the importance of data and analytics, and now with the introduction of our analytics feature, care professionals using Nourish can have a better insight into the type of care each individual needs. It allows you to spot trends in people’s behaviour, health and well-being in order to adapt your approach to care. This insight can be crucial and can also assist with more effective ways of working such as remote GP appointments and assessments.

It saves time as information doesn’t need to be repeated to different care services over and over again. For those in care, if they are admitted to hospital, or transferred to another care service, their data can simply be sent across with the touch of a button.

At Nourish, we believe that transparency and open communication is key in order to empower carers, those being supported, and their families. The shift away from paper-based records is making a difference in the care sector already, and Nourish are proud to offer features that support the use of analytics in providing better care for all.

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