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CEO and founder, everyLIFE Technologies

 This year will mark my 8th year in the care industry; a fraction of the time served by many of you, I know, but a third of my career nevertheless.

 So of that eight years, has it all been fun? Well, actually no. But that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed working alongside some of the most dedicated, generous and intuitive professionals you could hope to meet. 

 Has it been stressful? Oh yes. At times a good night’s sleep without doubt and worry has been all that I day-dreamed of – especially in the days before those month-old, paper MAR sheets dropped on my desk!

 But has it been rewarding? Absolutely! Experiencing first hand the myriad problems facing an increasingly complex and pressured care industry, and realising that my team and I were able to help solve just one of them has been hugely rewarding. And knowing that if I cracked that problem for my care businesses it would do exactly the same for so many other care givers and receivers has made it even more so.

 I left running the care business when I set up everyLIFE – my wife, Kate, taking the reigns. Facing harsh facts, I sometimes seriously wonder if Kate could have remained in the care business had we not been able to solve the problem that affected her, her staff and her service users daily. It matters that much – but thank goodness we did!

 I’m no great believer in the forces of fate. I simply believe that everything I’ve learned in my time as an engineer, a banker, a risk and compliance leader, and as an owner of several care businesses has led me to the point in my career where I am best equipped to tackle a problem that the care industry currently faces.

 This problem that both haunted me and drove me is one of updating digitally the expensive and risky care management and monitoring practices across homecare and residential businesses. And the solution I have developed, along with my team at everyLIFE Technologies, is The PASSsystem. 

 At everyLIFE, I have the benefit of sitting every day in an open-plan office where I’m greatly encouraged to hear constantly the increasingly imaginative individual and team efforts to take The PASSsystem out to care businesses which can be initially resistant to change. However it so clearly benefits them as soon as they implement our system.

 I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of PASSsystem users who have stopped using the system. And we are very grateful for the faith they have had in everyLIFE to invite us to help improve their services. 

 So if I’ve spent the last eight years trying to understand the sometimes confusing needs, costs and stresses of the care industry and then tackling the one I could solve, at least I’m absolutely clear that my team and I are going to spend the next years of my career breaking through that initial resistance to change and ensure that The PASSsystem makes life far better for the care professionals and service users who need our solution so urgently.

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