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Less Admin, More Caring


Care_Vision_LogoAt the forefront of our minds as providers of Social Care is the extraordinary amount of administration we handle on a daily basis. We have our work cut out to keep in line with statutory and legislative compliance in addition to the essential everyday tasks of looking after our service users.

If carers are overburdened with information processing, they have less time to spend on providing quality care to the people who matter most – frail, vulnerable adults.

Growing up and working in a family owned and run residential care home, Rishi Jawaheer saw at first hand the two main needs in the care sector – first, to cut down on manual paperwork and the second, to encourage young people to become involved in care. Using his experience as a registered manager, and with a clear purpose of Less Admin, More Care, Rishi was well-placed to build Care Vision – a stand-alone digital care management system

Care Vision is a flexible, easy to use cloud- based system that can be accessed anywhere mobile, tablet, laptop, or pc) whilst securing essential data. By storing service users’ information securely within the platform, carers spend less time writing and more time on their primary role of caring. Built flexibly to adapt to services of any size, large or small, Care Vision’s structured, interactive features engage carers in sharing information with the end-user and their family.

Rishi identified service users and their carers as the most important people within a home, to enable the service user a good quality of life.

With so many different systems available on the market, Rishi realised that providers could benefit from a single software that will bring all your care home needs under one roof.

With a wide range of features, Care Vision allows carers to document in real time what happens during the day rather than writing them at the end of the shift.

Icon-based features on a touch screen bring care to life, using personal QR Codes adds to its simplicity and timesaving, and system analysis is possible in a way that improves care outcomes and making it easier to see where improvements can be made.

Care Vision offers many special touches, from staff and service user’s birthdays to giving transparency to families and friends who are reassured that their loved ones are in good hands. For example, families get real life updates on how their loved one has eaten, as well as shared photos of what they have done during the day. Even those who are dyslexic or whose first language is not English can benefit from the app through voice to text input.

Care Vision acts as a bridge which allows carers, managers and owners to communicate well with each other together on a single platform whilst also providing hr features including clocking -in and rota management.

Care Vision encourages service users to make more independent choices on a daily basis. Through the app, service users can choose their meals and the order is sent directly to the kitchen. Service users can see what activities are scheduled throughout the day and choose what they like.

Care Vision shows those in care of all ages of what good care looks like, with comprehensive notes, care plans and personalised records all that meet compliance, industry regulations and professional standards.

From working with our homes, our data has shown that Care Vision can save 2-4 hours every week per carer by reducing tasks that could be better spent with the service user.

Evidence has shown technology has tremendous potential to reduce inefficiencies and improve effectiveness of care operations.

As both Carers and Developers, we are unique in our focus on developing software that benefits the care sector. This allows us to continually develop and update software for our service users.

Unlike many other care management software systems Care Vison was born directly from a Care Home and the carers first-hand knowledge of the physical and emotional demands that the care industry brings.

With all this said, come and join us, we believe the future of Social care is in good hands with “Care vision

Please watch the film on our website that brings the features and benefits of Care Vision’s to life.

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