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 LeckeyJames Leckey Design Ltd, designers and manufacturers of clinically focussed, posturally supportive products, has created VIDA, a new sales and customer care company in the UK and Ireland (as well as, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.)

The aim of VIDA is to offer customers the best support and advice to meet their specialist needs.  Within VIDA, our Product Advisors will focus on one of three main core product groups: seating (OT) focussed, standing (PT) focussed and mobility focussed.  The VIDA Customer Care centre will arrange appointments and it is anticipated that response times will be reduced, and there will be increased flexibility when it comes to arranging demonstrations, servicing etc.

To support the creation of VIDA, Leckey is recruiting Product Specialists to offer increased levels of support across the UK and they will be supported by the recruitment of further service engineers.  This will ensure the Product Specialists can focus on supporting their clients while the team of engineers undertake servicing and repairs.

There will also be a new website that will feature significant new online capabilities.  All service enquires will still be made through the Customer Care Centre who will then arrange a convenient time, date and location for the work to be carried out.

James Leckey, CEO of Leckey, explains: “After experiencing significant growth in the last five years, preparations are now being made for future growth, including some new international operations. We already provide the highest level of service in the UK, but we feel that we can be even better. Carrying an impressive portfolio of products, we felt that the clinical customer support needed to be highlighted separately from the products themselves, thus VIDA was created. VIDA will bring the greatest level of knowledge and support for each of those product lines, and with our Product Specialists now specialising in Seating (OT), Standing (PT) or Mobility products this level of client support will only improve.”

In the domestic market, Leckey believes it can provide a greater level of service and support by specialising and concentrating its efforts on a narrower range of products so that each business unit can provide a much greater depth of knowledge and support.  The design and manufacturing divisions of Leckey will continue unchanged and will retain the Leckey brand and all the authority, reputation and confidence for which is it synonymous.

The VIDA brand will be making its UK debut on stand C1 at Kids in The Middle (March 10th 2016, Ricoh Arena, Coventry).  Representatives from all areas of the company will be on hand to answer any queries and explain these exciting developments.  Examples of the all three product ranges will be on show and Product Specialists will be on hand to answer technical questions and book demonstrations and assessments.

For more information on this announcement and details of the full range of products available please visit  or call +44 (0)2892600750


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