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It’s easy managing digital change in the care sector with everyLIFE Technologies, and the evidence proves going digital really does help the care sector deliver a higher quality and more efficient service.


It’s a digital world, that’s nothing new. Nine in 10 people had access to the internet in their homes in 2018*. Almost eight in ten UK Ps_HOME_iPhone_01_inDeviceadults (78%) personally use a smartphone*. We go online to shop, to bank, watch TV, and listen to music, it’s a part of life that’s become an essential part of our lives, yet for many in the care sector the perceived time and effort involved in embracing digital technology in the care environment is just too enormous to contemplate.

Going digital isn’t hype, and to be very real about it, most businesses have recently had to embrace such technology as a working practice, courtesy of HMRC making tax digital.

With funding cuts, increased running costs, and overall less available time, doesn’t it make sense to make everything more efficient?

Going digital is a smarter way of working, it will transform your business, and the digital care management software experts, everyLIFE Technologies, have the stats to prove it.

everyLIFE Technologies commissioned an evaluation of their digital care management software, the PASSsystem. The evaluation was conducted in collaboration with the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE),

Titled ‘Improving Social Care Through Digital Care Planning’ this evaluation is the first of its kind in building an evidence base around effective use of technology in social care. The findings of the evaluation serve to highlight the range of benefits that going digital brings.

Over the last year 57 care managers and 95 care workers were asked to evaluate the company’s PASSsystem.

And the results, well they really do speak for themselves.

Respondents reported being able to:

  • Better manage and reduce risk
  • Improve business efficiencies
  • Deliver higher quality person centered care
  • Demonstrate accountability to service users, families and regulators.

95% of care managers and business owners stated that the PASSsystem helped to reduce medication errors, attributing this to availability of real time information and the better quality of digital care records. 91% of respondents reported that the PASSsystem Ps_HOME_group_01_inDeviceshelped eliminate the risks of avoidable harm associated with paper-based care records and delayed detection of errors. In fact, one respondent stated that it saved the life of one of their clients.

Whilst the benefits of going digital with the PASSsystem had been widely reported by users of the system, the findings of the SCIE evaluation provide much needed credible third party validation.

Heritage Healthcare praised the system for its ability to improve the responsiveness of care and regulatory compliance: “PASS makes everything quicker and pinpoints something when it happens rather than two weeks later when somebody says ‘Oh, by the way’…”

“Rather than producing monthly Medication Administration Record (MAR) charts, we can update them weekly. One example is a client whose medication is changing every week; it’s so much easier to keep up with that using PASS. I can flag last week’s medication as inactive and start afresh, and then if it goes back to a previous week’s dosage, I can just reactivate it and change the dates.

“Everyone knows exactly what’s happening all the time.”

There’s no denying that the ever increasing pressures on care providers and carers to provide quality care with limited resources is buckling under the strain. But the evidence is crystal clear; going digital can make the whole process much easier.

The PASSsystem has been developed by people with experience of both working in and owning care business. Available via mobile app and web portal the PASSsystem is used by over 700 care providers across health and social care. It enables the sharing of up-to-date information. Care providers can proactively monitor the quality of care delivered and through real-time alerting, respond to time critical safety issues. Families and other healthcare professionals can gain access to information on the PASSsystem via openPASS, subject to the necessary consent, therefore making care provision more transparent.

*Ofcom Communications Market Report August 2018.


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