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Interview with Sam Barrington


In this issue we bring you an exclusive Interview with a Rising Care Sector Consultancy Star, Managing Director of Care Improvement Associates LTD ( talks about his passion, his company and his motivations for setting up one of the most talked about new care quality consultancy companies in the health and social care sector…..havn’t heard of them? You are about to…

Sam, great to meet you, So what’s your background?

Hi Shaun, My first ‘paid job’ was as a care assistant on a £45 per week NVQ placement, at the age of 17. I came from a family of health and social care and education professionals. Social Workers, Teachers, and was inspired by my Mum to work as a volunteer Sessional Worker with the NCH Action for Children, (as it was then), which involved facilitating better access for young people into leisure, social and community activity. A great initiative and it helped me to decide I wanted a career in the care sector. This led to Nursing Degree in 1998 at Demontfort University, Counselling qualifications and then Management in the Social Care sector, with more recent years spent on Specialist Practice and Policy Development Projects in Local Government, reporting to the Law Commission on their MCA DOLS reform proposals and Board level Compliance/Quality Director Positions in the Independent Sector. This was before Heading up a well established Care Quality Consultancy and then going forwards, to set up my own company, Care Improvement Associates Ltd.

What motivated you to set up the company, Care Improvement Associates Ltd?

My own father was in hospitals and a nursing home in the last year of his life. This was at a very young age of 59 due to liver failure. Although I am always very grateful for what the care sector does for vulnerable people and their loved ones, I noticed many things that could be vastly improved, mainly around the practice of management and staff, particularly around  the communication between professionals and different agencies involved in caring for a person, but also internally between the care providers and my Dad and us as his family carers. This really motivated me. I wanted to set up a company that doesn’t profess to be the ‘experts’ of everything, that also doesn’t charge the earth for quality services and that has the resources in our network to tailor make a bespoke, responsive, effective and affordable solutions. To be a company that really listens to the need of the client in the care provider sector, hears the ideas and the goals and helps and supports the client to achieve that outcome We are motivated by supporting organisations to achieve outstanding quality care. Our company motto which is actually on all of our logos and on our website is, ‘BE OUTSTANDING’.

How do you make sure you can be responsive and effective in the ever saturated consultancy market place?

We have a network of 20 Care Improvement Associates across England, who have all sorts of backgrounds, experience and skills. They include Ex-CQC inspectors, CQC Specialist Advisors, Local Authority Officers, Experienced Registered Managers and Senior Quality Managers up to Director Level. In addition to CIA we have set up a non for profit organisation called the National Care Quality Professionals (NCQP). We have an online forum on Linkedin, but we have commissioned the professional membership website with a Web Design company, Yorkshire Media. The NCQP website will have opportunities for networking, event posting, sharing of development and learning events and will allow for contracts and job roles to be posted by professionals in the care sector. The idea of NCQP is to break down some of the communication barriers between Care Quality professionals from different backgrounds and agencies. In the longer term, we will be using the website to promote NCQP events, get together face to face with like-minded driven professionals, which will contribute to better outcomes for service users, which is why we are all here in the first place.

Care Improvement Associates Ltd work with energy, focus and commitment, in partnership with care & support providers to deliver truly unique solutions. Our solutions are tailored to meet your exacting requirements. Email us at: or call: 01964212032



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